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Eclipses are the strongest aspects the universe sends us, and the news they bring is usually startling, but not always in a bad way. Good news sometimes comes from eclipses too, and I feel the coming eclipses will be sweet and generous. So, although there were no eclipses in October, we were at the mid-point of the two eclipses that had come before and the two that will come later. Astrologers see time differently than other people—we see the past and future at once and plot them on curves.

I think most people noticed that in October and even saw it reflected in the news, too. Mercury will retrograde in Scorpio, your second house of earned income. The area of your life that is most likely to feel the slowdown will be financial matters.

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You may find payments that are due you will be slow to arrive, so you may have to send clients gentle statement reminders. Also, examine your bank and credit card statements carefully for errors or unauthorized charges, for they tend to show up in greater frequency during Mercury retrograde periods.

Do not shop for electronics all month, not until November 29, and if you need to sign a contract, try to put off signing until that same date. Mars is still in Libra, giving you a big advantage.

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Mars first went into your sign on October 3 and will remain until November Having Mars in your sign is considered a big plus, for Mars will give you the courage to voice your ideas and present them with conviction. With Mars in Libra, others will listen to you. Mars in your sign will give you unusually strong determination to get approvals, and if you get a no, you will have your case ready for why the person in charge should reconsider.

Mars will move through Scorpio from November 18 to January 3, marking a time when your spending will temporarily increase, and balances are due to rise on your credit cards. It seems this year you will be especially generous in your gift giving, so have fun shopping, starting on Black Friday November 29 and Cyber Monday December 2 when you will be presented with great bargains. For my readers outside the US, those dates are associated with our Thanksgiving holiday, Thursday, November In years past, I warned you against shopping on those days, for Mercury was still retrograde.

Last year I wrote that it would be better to buy gift cards during the retrograde. This year you can buy actual gifts and beautifully wrap them before you give them to friends and family. Said another way, this year you will more likely enjoy shopping. The third reason you may not have liked October as much as you had anticipated you would was that the new moon on October 27 in Scorpio four degrees was difficult, and it landed in your earned income salary and fees second house.

Uranus, the planet of all things unexpected, was sharply in opposition to the Sun and new moon, a rather aggressive aspect that will be at play for six months. If anything came up, or will come up, it may take that long to come to a satisfactory resolution. The eighth house rules venture capital, commissions, bonuses, licensing fees, royalties, insurance payouts, bank loans, lines of credit, inheritances, mortgages, child support, scholarships and university student aid, and other such money that comes to you outside of salary. It also rules money you owe, such as for estimated taxes, tuition, a down payment on a house, and other large checks you might write that come up occasionally.

This is the area you will be thinking about at the full moon. This full moon is sweet, so you might not have to write a check, but instead receive one. The application you put in for a mortgage, home improvement or car loan, or the grant or insurance claim you hoped would be approved, would likely be paid within four days of the new moon. This is generally a very friendly full moon with a strong nod from Pluto.

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If you need money to get started on a major project, especially if the funds will be directed to a real estate goal, the money will likely come to you and be finalized at this time. Overall, you seem to like this full moon and the message it has for you. Mars and Jupiter will be in sync on this very same day of the full moon, November 12, making it a good time to travel to see clients, to look over a contract to sign later on November 29 when Mercury and Saturn combine forces. This is also a good day to see or have a phone conversation with your sibling. If you need to interview for a job or make a presentation, do so November 8 when the Sun will be in ideal angle to both Saturn and Neptune.

You will be a virtual idea factory on this day, impressing everyone in sight. There will be some doubts and insecurities regarding the future of your relationship. Basically, you need to remain committed and keep patience as the period will remain complex and confusing. Some relations will get nipped in the bud. July to September You will have to handle the delicate issues with cool and calm approach particularly during this period.

If you are unable to control your temperament, you are likely to face some serious issues in your love life. Taking hasty decisions may disrupt your love life and relationship. The later part of phase will help you to clear doubts and confusions. So, you can expect to strengthen your relationship. But, this period will require step by step progress to take your relationship to the next level. October to December Some old issues or problem areas can be magnified which may require extra attention towards your relationship.

You will be rather self-centered or willing to pay more attention towards your own interests and wishes.

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Giving less priority to your family members can disturb your relationship. However, you will realize the value of commitment towards your family members. You will be willing to enjoy fresh energy in your personal environment and to get rid yourself of the things that have been holding you back from truly living your life. You can expect more opportunities for financial gain and to enhance your financial strength.

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This could also be a good period to make systematic investments for long-term view. April to June You may have strong desire or temptations to expand your horizon which might provoke you to take ambitious steps during this period of time. If you indulge ambitious moves for unrealistic gain, you will feel pressure on your financial planning. You must also control temptations to spend money for unnecessary or superfluous things.

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This will be the phase when you must take care of your valuables and finances. July to September With your dedicated and focused approach, you will be able to make your financial status stronger during this phase.

This period will be good for you to invest in property or your old investments in property might bring some good rewards. You may have steady progress and financial flow would be normal this time around. But, you must avoid over ambitious move for rapid financial growth. The period may demand strict financial discipline. October to December Your patience, attention to detail, and efficient planning will help you to consolidate your financial position and will make you able to fulfill the financial commitments.

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